‚Äč1926 Apartment building located in the Buena Vista neighborhood of Miami

I have a passion for CIRCA 1850-1955 houses and condominium units. The detail  woodwork, plaster design and original character are just a few elements that I love in old homes and condominium units.  I own a 1949 Arts and Crafts bungalow located in downtown Fort Lauderdale.  The original oak floors, rounded ceilings, original front door and original bathroom floor and tiles are part of history that you won't find in a new home.  

There are buyers that want to purchase an original CIRCA 1850-1955 home in Miami and Fort Lauderdale area.  Every old home has a story and when listing a house I will tell the story which will set your house above the other listings.  If you are considering selling your home give me a call to discuss the market value and how I would market your home to buyers seeking Circa 1850-1950 homes.

Do you love CIRCA 1850-1955 homes and want to purchase a house or condominium that has the original style and character?  I can help you find your dream CIRCA 1850-1955 home in Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach and Miami.   

Shari Lynn Hurtado P.A.

Douglas Elliman